The ties that bind. 

Content from Free!’s drama CD

My mission was to kill the Al-Thamen witch, who took up with my uncle and usurped the Kou Empire. To kill… my own mother.

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I should have posted this here before ^^U, my submission for the SNK fanbook [Sky Waltz] (thank you for inviting me! ♥)

I originally wanted to draw Reiner and Bertholdt but I think Riko deserves more love in the fandom, she’s a great character. 


Kuroshitsuji 2014 - Book of Circus

i can’t for the life of me form a quote for this photoset.

Spirited Away (2001)

Haku/Nigihayami Kohakunushi

God of the Swift Amber River

Mekakucity Actors Ene ver.


Magi chibis! i hope i can make more

please excuse my terrible handwriting OTL