Soul Eater - Death the Kid. 



ringamybells asked: Yato or Kurama?

Oreki Houtarou and Chitanda Eru.
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Riku: Why don’t the dream eaters ever attack you?
Joshua: They won’t go after you unless you’re a dreamer —which is funny because I’ve got plenty of dreams.

I find it quite peculiar that you, who controls a demon and has met shinigami’s, does not believe in curses. Also, that which binds you and myself… is also a type of curse.


Magi characters according to Google


Frozen AU where Hans’ wins and he ends up ruling Arendelle and he’s so smug about it and keeps Anna as a statue. Muahahahahimage


art source: damnnateyou his deviantart is http://nateyou.deviantart.com/

GoM + Minimalist
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