You can download Braixen Sai file here: link :)  Some people asked me if I could upload one, so here it is! I’m also writing a new watercolor tutorial but I didn’t manage to finish it and I won’t be at home for a week… I’ll post it when I come back. 

ahhh blueee <3 they are amazing

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I enjoy drawing them in animal version.


by: tokyo__ghoul

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.

Tokyo Ghoul, ending images.

"I tagged along."


"Why? That guy can get reckless when the Kurta clan is involved, so he needed someone level-headed like me with him."


"You really care about him don’t you?"

"Shut up, that’s embarrassing."



That awkward moment when you get your heart back and realize what an asshole you’ve been.

"Humans are uncomplicated. Get down on your hands and knees and grovel. Struggle desperately to live, live and then die. Offer up your hearts. Death and Life. Visit equally”

You play Ib??? Can you draw garry please~ >,< and please feel free to just ignore this if u want :3


Garry is so cute!!! ♥

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Most of the Pokemon Time vol. 7 goods came out today at Pokemon Centers in Japan!

The highlight of the lot were the four plush: Raichu, Furret, Zangoose, and Dragonite.

Figure straps are delayed but will be released on the 26th.